Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Favorite Things: Pins

I'm such a sucker for cute, kitschy pins! I'd seen these Oh Lolly Lolly pins at Heyday Fashion and found them adorable but didn't buy them for whatever reason.

Last week, their newsletter contained a free shipping code so I went to see which colors they had in stock and discovered them on sale for $3 each! Total Score!

While I wanted them all, I showed a little self control and limited myself to three: bubblegum, blueberry and peppermint.

Heyday Fashion is currently closed until December 27th but these pins can also be found at Indieworkshop for $6.50 each which includes shipping.

Looking for the lollipops that inspired these pins? You can find them at Hammonds Candies for:
$13.50/for a set of six 1oz. lollipops
$15.80/for a set of four 4oz. lollipops
or even $14.00 for a one pound lollipop!

Hammonds also carries everyone's favorite ribbon candy year round.

You know you want one....sucker!

Boy is it ever Christmastime. I'm looking at those and thinking such a shame they're pins, those'd look awesome on a Xmas tree :)
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