Friday, December 23, 2005


Happy Festivus!

I had a rather lovely Festivus! There was no pole involved but I did have a rather lovely Festivus dinner.

Here is my own airing of grievances:

To the passive aggressive people in my life: Get over yourself - Seriously! If you hit me one more time with a smart ass comment, I'm going to hit you with a smart ass response! Got enough shit of my own - don't need yours!

Regarding Contests: People please stop asking me to buy lottery tickets or to give you numbers. It's called probability!

Regarding Weight Loss: Stop telling me that certain foods aren't exactly low fat. It's my mouth, and my body. I know how much I'm going to have to stay on the treadmill to work it off and sometimes it is worth it!

Keeping it at three because it's an odd number. This entire week was full of Festivus miracles but there was one in particular that has left me completely speechless. Needless to say I am bewildered and hope to talk about it more later.

To end Festivus, I challenged Hope to the feats of strength but she took off running! She fears my strength!

You are strong, indeed! And I'd love to hear of your miracles! Happy Festivus, and all other chronologically-close holidays!

That is an awesome picture, hee!

Just dropping by to wish you merry Christmas, S.
Happy Festivus Storm.
xo to you and Hope!
Hope is one cute holiday chick! And more power to you in your fight against passive-aggressive comments. Call 'em on it. Don't let 'em get away with it. And when they deny it, and they will, just point it out to them the next time they do it. *hm. hadn't realized I felt so heated about that one* Happy, Happy Holidays, sweetie. xoxo
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