Sunday, December 18, 2005


Jewels of Blu

I'm wearing Aqaba today and remembered that the ever so generous and Queen and protector of all animals sent me a sample of Jewels of Blu which is part of the new Aqaba Jewels collection.

Described on the site as:
For the Eyes of Blu of You

In Seas of Days Gone By

With You in Love Am I

Queen of Sheba and King Solomon

Ancient Love

Lost in the Sands of AQABA

I was drawn to this one the most because of the notes which are:
Top: Peach, Apricot, Rose de Mai.
Middle: Ylang Ylang and Egyptian Jasmine.
Bottom: Vanilla Bourbon, Patchouli, Tibetian Musk

I think the only fragrances I own which have apricot notes are Floret and Maybe Baby, both of which I adore so I was very anxious to try this fragrance.

In all honestly I wasn't crazy about it with the initial spray. It seemed a bit harsh but as it clings to my skin it starts to smell a bit like a sorbet. This fragrance has a bit of a melon note to it, which turns me off a bit but as my skin warms up the note slowly of dissipates.

The floral notes in here are soft and a bit buried under the fruity notes which are further sweetened by the vanilla. The patchouli in here is incredibly beautiful, very soft and very different from other patchoulis.

A very nice fragrance but I think I tested it at the wrong time of the year as this is more of a warm weather fragrance and I think I'd appreciate it much more at that time.

Jewels of Blu retails for $125/3.4 oz., $85/1.7 oz. or $55/1 oz. The 1.7 oz bottles are also available through B-glowing and Luckyscent.

You've got to try Midnight Sun! It's very interesting and the best one out of the trio IMHO. :)
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