Thursday, December 29, 2005


Lancome 2000 et Une Rose

Rose has been of my absolute favorite notes since I was little so I'm always open to trying yet another rose fragrance.

Among the top of the list was Lancome's 2000 et Une Rose, especially hearing the numerous raves about it by the President of the 2000 et Une Rose fan club (and my best friend) Annie of Blogdorf Goodman fame.

The notes according to Ms. Annie are: dune rose, musk rose, Bulgarian rose, amber, musk and vanilla.

I wore this on Christmas day and felt it that the fragrance was too easily muted by the scents from the kitchen. A bit disappointed at first thinking that it was all hype until I had been wearing it for an hour and a half and suddenly I was able to take in all of the scent.

And it is AMAZING! So different from anything else I've worn.

It opens up with a vibrant rose bouquet which is softly taken over by a spray of pink peppercorns and a rather bold citrusy scent which I at first thought was orange but as the day went on it smelled more like yuzu.

(I've never smelled actual yuzu so this perception is based more on yuzu scented products I've used in the past.)

As I love spicy rose fragrances I felt that the peppercorn note left far too soon for my taste.

I don't get a lot of amber in here, nor musk but after it dries down I do get a lot of vanilla.

Most fragrances don't last for very long on my skin and this was no exception unfortunately but I bet it smells even better come warmer weather and hopefully lasts longer.

I don't really believe in a special occasion fragrance anymore but the rarity and specialness surrounding this scent force me to file this one as such, that is unless Lancome decides to re-release it or I make a trip to Paris!

I'm not sure if I should wear this or Nanadebary Pink for New Years Eve - that's how much I love it!

For a better review on 2000 et Une Rose please read the review on Bois de Jasmin. Plus, check out this review at Beautybuzz.com.

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