Friday, December 02, 2005


'Roid Rage

MLB Baseball 2005 - Rafael Palmeiro during the Government Reform Commitee hearing on the use of Steroids in Major League Baseball in Washington DC. March 17, 2005 © Greg Fiume/NewSport/Corbis.

You know that scene in Kindergarten Cop where Schwarzenegger reaches his boiling point and screams at the kids? That's the place where I'm at right now - it's nothing serious of course, it's just my thyroid - as always!

The last time I wasn't feeling too good, I found out my levels were too low (that's when I was struggling to lose any weight). Got my medication raised and was feeling okay for a while until the last four weeks I was feeling a bit wonky again (I haven't worn any fragrance aka "juice" in an entire week!)

I go to the doctor yesterday and find out that my levels are too high so I have to get to a lower dosage (which means that it wasn't all me in the last weigh in).

It gets me to thinking, a higher dosage of Synthroid combined with weight loss is probably equivalent to the use of illegal steroids in athletics.

You and me Palmeiro, we're one in the same!

One of my friends had thyroid cancer at 19 and had to have her thyroid removed. She is always have to have her medication levels adjusted and dealing with what you are always going through. I'm sorry both of you are going through this. However, I'm thankful there are medicines out there that can help at all. I hope you get all balanced out soon!
Hi Rain,

I'm glad it can be controlled with Synthroid because when it's a little off you really feel it but when the levels are normal everything's fine.

I still say if I were to have any illness, it would be this one because it's relatively easy to deal with.
That seems to be Ashley's outlook on it too. We were in the military together (I was Navy and she was Marine Corps) we were stationed at the National Naval Medical Center in MD. I was a journalist and she was admin. We saw a lot of sick people are age come and go. Some with terminal illnesses, some with terrible cancers like a girl with cancer the muscles and nerves of her face. Ashley felt lucky to have a cancer and condition so easily dealt with. I was a bit depressed at the time, but couldn't stay so around her. With everything she was going through she kept on laughing and smiling right through it. You also inspire me with your humor! It a beautiful and strong quality to have, Atreau!
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