Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Will & Grace

I didn't want to say anything before as I really didn't have all the details but now I do, so now I will.

As a hobby I enter contests and win things on occasion, sometimes I enter my parents, sister and friends to win as well. Not often, but say there is something they'd be interested in or a sweepstakes only available in that area, etc... Needless to say I've won small things for everyone!

Anyhow, a while back my mom received an affidavit that she was the winner in our local market of Time Warner Cable - Lifetime's Will You Grace Us With Your Presence? Sweepstakes.

Prizes (30-1 per market): 3-day/2-night trip for two adults (21+) to Los Angeles, CA, welcome dinner, and two tickets to see a live taping of Will & Grace (ARV $3,000).

Today she was informed of the dates she can choose from for the trip. She has to rank her preferences between January and February and it's first come, first serve.

I watched Will & Grace when it was first on the air but lost interest once it went opposite C.S.I. My parents don't watch it either but I'm sure they'll have a lovely time. This is Will & Grace's last season so it's sure to be memorable.

That's so cool! What a wonderful daughter you are :~D
Oh wow, I am sure they will enjoy it.

I had to laugh when you mentioned you lost interest once W & G went opposite CSI...he he poor W & G never stood a chance (not with me anyway).
Hey S!
That is a great prize for your parents and you are the QUEEN of winning contests.

I too watched Will and Grace in the very beginning, but once they tried to make me believer that Jack had sex with Rosie O'Donnell, well let's just say I got pissed.
Jack is a queen whom i do not believe ever slept with a woman, but if he HAD slept with a woman it would have been someone like Karen..NOT someone like Rosie.
I know it is just a show and I am making WAY too much of this.

Your parents will have a lovely time!
Too bad you're not coming. I'd take you out for a great lunch.
I love Megan Mulally! Or whatever her name is! Hope they have a blast. xoxo thalia
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