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Fifi by Fifi Chachnil

I'd been hearing about Fifi by Fifi Chachnil for a while now and had been wanting to test it but obtaining a sample was all but impossible then all the sudden I get not just one but two samples of the famous Fifi in less than a week!

Fifi is described on the Fifi Chachnil site as: The perfume "Fifi" is an essence of pure femininity with all the contradictions it implies. So fanciful and light, with deep almost masculine notes, insolence and tenderness. Imaginative, it starts gently with sharp notes of citrus and coriander mingled with the sweetness of the rose that gives it a powdery tone. The amber gives its oriental touch but enhanced by the tobacco, it takes and insolent character. In the tradition of the great classics, it's amazing harmonies seem to ring naturally like transparencies.

The notes are described as: Oriental harmony both insolent (amber, coriander, tobacco) and tender (powdered rose, mandarin, lily of the valley)

I could see the comparisons to Anne Pliska (especially in the top notes) but Fifi is much sexier. Fifi is slightly sweeter when first applied as the orange and lemon mix with the vanilla and the not so sweet amber. For some reason I was expecting this to be sweeter and I'm really glad it's not.

After it dries down I get a whole lot of amber and not so much vanilla - the two really compliment each other well a it dries down, at first I really wasn't that impressed. Once the tobacco comes through it's really sexy. I get a tinge of anise in here - it could just be my body chemistry but I swear I can smell a bit of it along with a hint of leather which is probably just my imagination and a naughty one at that. It's one of those fragrances that makes you want to spank someone....hard.

Does anyone remember that Saturday Night Live Skit where Miranda Richardson was the host and there was a Dieter skit where she's dressed up as both a whore and a nun anyhow I looked it up via Internet Movie Database:

Dieter: What is your name?
Exclamation Point: I do not have a formal Christian name. I am called Exclamation Point.
Dieter: Greetings Exclamation Point. I have always wanted to make love to a woman with punctuational nomenclature.

Exclamation Point: I am a whore. I am a nun. I am a whore.
Dieter: Nun.
Exclamation Point: Whore.
Dieter: Nun.
Exclamation Point, Dieter: Whorenun.

Pictures of that skit can be found here.

The bottle doesn't seem to fit the fragrance but it totally appeals to me. This to me is a "good girl gone bad" fragrance, total whorenun if you will. Staying power is fabulous and I found a little went a long way with it. Total vamp fragrance and perfect on a cold winter day, or night!

I think I need to add this to my collection, I wasn't too keen on it when I first applied it but once the tobacco kicks in it's very sexy and purrable.


Want to read a better review? Check this one out on Perfume-Smellin' Things!

Fifi is available direct through Fifi Chachnil or through Cherie Boutique.

I am ROFLing at that skit. And I agree about the bottle. It fits the whole image of Fifi Chachnil herself, but the scent is not as frilly and girly, and, as you said, not as sweet, as all that pinkness. :-)Still I LOVE the bottle.
Exactly how I feel about it! I should have clarified when I said it was a relative of Anne Pliska that it wasn't half a sweet.

The scent is less "pink" than the bottle, but when I think of "50's Pinup Girls" I can imagine them smelling like this in pink panties with black ruffles. I imagine a girl with a playful giggle that can be naughtier than you might think.
Ok, if you are going to mention Anne Pliska, than I must try this. I have been back and forth just trying to DECIDE if I should try this. I'm not big on tobacco or leather. But I do like Sweet Oriental Dream. I guess now, I must scout out a sample.
Nice review,
Victoria O
As one of the earliest Fifi fans on MUA, it gives me immense gratification to read this. I love the scent but hate the bottle. But you know what? The bottle actually makes me love the scent more, because the shape and the color of the juice within scream "fruity floral," so the scent is that much nicer when you finally get to spraying it.
I've been thinking about it and am really wanting a bottle! It was just incredible on me the other night and is so perfect for winter but the weather is getting warmer already. *sobs*
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