Saturday, January 14, 2006


iHotto Cupcake Necklaces

I spent the last of my Christmas money on cupcakes and ice cream!

Okay, okay, these aren't exactly edible - but they are adorable!

I've had my eye on iHotto's vanilla cupcake necklace and earrings for over two years and decided to cave on them as Fred Flare had a 25% off code through Lucky.

I ordered the strawberry ice cream necklace to round off my ice cream necklace collection. The strawberry cone is smaller in comparison to the other two which makes sense as the other two are chock full of sugar and strawberries aren't, they're dainty! DAINTY!

I debated on ordering a pair of strawberry earrings but felt that may be a bit over the top, so I ordered the chocolate cupcake necklace instead!

These are going to be motivators as well so I can't wear them yet, I have to earn them first! *sobs*

Motto for the year: "Don't eat cupcakes and ice cream, wear them!"

Oooh! Yummy and pretty! I'm reminded of that great literary line: "Eat it or wear it!"

LOL! Onward, fragrant soldier!
OMG. Did you know that I was eyeing these exact same cupcake earrings for your prezzie when I was Michael_Bublé??? I'm glad you got them... :)
Those are really cute!!
I'm so happy I ordered them and can't wait to wear them!

I think they'll look good on a healthy body!
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