Saturday, January 07, 2006


IHotto Ice Cream Necklaces

Photo from the iHotto Website.

As I had Christmas money to burn last week I ordered iHotto ice cream necklaces from Target at 50% off. I ordered the last bubble gum necklace (shown above) that they had on the site and the mint chip necklace. I had my eye on iHotto jewelry for a while so finding them on sale was a total score!

I'm going to save them and use them as motivators for my weight loss. I'll earn them after reaching certain small term goals. They'll be more meaningful that way, plus they'll look nicer on a healthy body!

Total cost for these motivators was only $34.75! That's a little more than the original price of one!

Mint Chip is still on sale for $14.99. You can find the bubble gum through iHotto or Fred Flare for $30.

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