Saturday, January 28, 2006


jennyLou's Chocolate Truffle Meltaway and Soy Candle

I'm subscribed to JennyLou's newsletter and was the winner of the December drawing. She sent me two Chocolate Truffle Bath Meltaways and soy tea light candles in Chocolate Truffle and in an apple scent.

The candles have a lot of throw and melt very cleanly. I already used up the apple scent and will burn the chocolate one tomorrow.

I used a bath meltaway which has a lovely milk chocolate scent. It really left my skin moisturized and lightly scented which went away after I applied my unscented lotion. Melting half was more than enough for me and I actually let it melt on my skin in the shower and after it melted, I then rubbed it into my skin.

Because I misplaced my tub stopper.....or someone stole it?!?

You know, I've heard that tub thievery is big in some circles!

Both products can be purchased through jennyLou's!
Chocolate Truffle Bath Meltaways are $8/package of 3.
Chocolate Truffle Soy Candle $8/4 oz tin

There is also a huge sale going on at jennyLous, up to 70% off select items.

hey! thanks for writing such a great review of my bath goodies! I'm so glad you enjoyed the meltaway and candle. And thanks for subcribing to the jennyLou Buzz! Cheers, Jennifer

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