Wednesday, January 04, 2006


L'aromarine Vanille

Of all the fragrances from the L'aromarine line, Vanille seems to get the most raves. Universally described as a toasted vanilla that's not too sweet, this is a slightly smoky vanilla that seems to be a bit nutty. L'aromarine Vanille is a vanilla that would please both gourmand and non-gourmand lovers alike.

On it's own it's a beautiful fragrance but I was curious to see how it would layer with other fragrances. I chose to wear this and Jaqua Citrus Verbena Dry Oil Body Spray. The two together created an amazing fragrance, both really mesh well together. I can't wait to try other combinations, the possibilities are endless! It's got really great staying power and is perfect to wear year round!

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Beautyhabit has it for $16.00/1.6 oz.
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Great post (man, every time I wander on to your site, I get lost for days). How does this compare to my HG vanilla - L'Artisan?
Certainly not as good as L'Artisan Vanilla and this has a nutty undertone to it. But very good for an affordable vanilla. I heard it's similar to TBS's original vanilla but I can't comment on that as I've never tried it.
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