Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Lush Hard

Over the years I've come to accept the fact that I have fairly shitty hair! It's dull, limp, thin and is currently sporting three different colors. I've tried various types of shampoos but nothing seems to work. I wanted to see if my shampoo isn't to blame but rather my water. I was sent a sample of Hard through my Candy Cane and couldn't wait to try it as the water out here is very hard.

Lush describes Hard as:

It's full name is Hard Water Shampoo Bar. In some places, like London, the water is so hard it could almost get up and take a rottweiler for a walk. It's good for your teeth but makes your hair dull and it never feels really clean. Wash it with Hard to get it clean, shiny and easy to manage. Hard doesn't look hard; it's a softie pink with flower petals on top but don't be fooled, it works hard! It smells all soft and pink and flowery too. Incidentally, the sodium sesquicarbonate helps counter the effect of the hard water. We knew you'd want to know that.

In middle and high school my hair was so dry that I'd try treatments of mayonnaise, oil oil, coffee and banana. Chunks of banana is very hard to wash o ut of your hair so I was a bit apprehensive over the dried flowers in Hard.

I think the trick to Hard is to work up a bit of lather in your hands and then apply it to your wet hair. Once in the hair, it doesn't lather much but once you rinse it out it feels noticeably different. I finished my hair off with conditioner, I then run a wide tooth comb though my hair as my hair is thin and tangles easily. When I did that, any dried flowers came out of my hair.

Pros: It's a rather soft floral scent that wasn't detectable one my hair was dry. My hair felt so much softer and is much shinier than usual.

One drawback is that it seemed to take a bit longer to wash my hair than usual but the results are worth it! After having tested this on four different days, I decided to cave and ordered two bars of Hard.

Hard retails for $8.45/3.5 oz. direct from Lush.

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