Thursday, January 19, 2006


Pre de Provence Lavender Soap

Picture from the Visions of Eden website.

Ooh lavender! If you like lavender and love soap you have to try Pre de Provence Lavender Soap. I was given a bar in my secret santa package and it is fabulous!

This is a really huge bar of soap that's relatively gentle on my super sensitive skin. It's got bits of lavender throughout the bar which could be used as a mild exfoliant if you rub the bar of soap direct on your skin. I instead rub the bar on a washmit and apply that to my skin.

It's quite fragrant but not overly fragrant where the scent lingers on your skin and it washes away very nicely.

The soap retails for $5.99/8.8 oz. at Visions of Eden. That maple wood soap dish retails for $9.99 at the same site.

I so freaking love the Pre de Provence stuff. Especially the soaps, oh they have the nicest shea soaps. Best of all they'ren completely reasonably priced and easy to find for me - my Wild Oats sells a ton of the various scents. I wish they sold the shea butter lotion again - it's just as nice as L'Occitane's, with just as sensible packaging, but it's like half of the price.

If you ever get the chance you MUST try their Linden Blossom - I am so nuts for that one. It's just a nice, simple lushly green floral scent, and such a nice fragrance to smell first thing in the morning. One of these days I do intend to track down the eau de toilette of it, too.
Hey Katie!

This soap is divine and you're so right about the line being reasonably priced! A little boutique nearby carries a lot of these products and I really should try more products out.

I love the Linden Blossom! I remember sampling it, loving it but never ordered it! I need to look into that too!
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