Saturday, January 28, 2006


When you wish upon a scarf

I don't know why the scarf looks dirty in the picture because it's not! Maybe I was thinking dirty thoughts when I took the picture and those dirty thoughts diminished the purity of the scarf? Can a girl help it if she lusts in her heart?

I went to Marshalls yesterday and was checking out the scarves and saw the one shown above and thought: "That's really cute, if only they had a matching hat!"

Then I go around to another section and sure enough there's the matching hat!

The gods and goddesses of chic scaves and hats decided to bestow upon me a fabulous set, or maybe everything I wish will come true?

*Thinks really hard*
I wish for world peace!
I wish I was at my goal weight!
I wish cupcakes were fat free!
I wish I had a collection of every fragrance ever made!
I wish....

you get the idea!

Anyhow, the set only set me back a mere $37! $25 for the scarf which is 10" wide and 6' long and the hat was only $12.

They are made by Portolano and made of cashmere which it isn't the best quality but they are rather soft and not bad for the price!

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