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Not only do I love woods in fragrances but I'm also drawn to things carved out of wood. As I was given some money for Christmas, I decided to spend a bit of it on some wood! (Dirty girls, get your mind out of the gutter!)

As my ring collection grows, I'm running out of room to store them so I bought the Dew Drop Jewelry Box (shown above). It's even better in person as the top swings to the side and it seals shut with magnets! It's currently storing my MoMA diamond rings.

The Hope Box is big enough to hold a small bottle of perfume or maybe some decants! Hmm, the possibilities are endless really. But it'll probably store some more rings!

Speaking of rings:

Can you believe that I didn't own a wooden ring until now?

I bought this Wood Ring Birch Promise Ring and Box (shown above) but asked the seller if he could substitute the Wooden Oak Ring (shown below) instead of the birch one.

I love oak and I loved the description that went with it!

All this wood set me back a mere $51.85 including shipping!

Similar items can be found through Gustav Studios or Chicago Joinery.

AHH the wooden things are wonderful ,I need me a wooden ring of course ,oak as,well. How does he size them and how do they hold up in water? LOve his concept!!! Katie (tinker bell ) ..LOL
*Dirty mind implodes*
You should marry Ty Pennington. He makes lots of things out of wood. I bet he has some nice wood.


Hey Tink, Trina & Jen

I sent him the size I normally wear but he gives tips on how to size them through his site and Etsy. This is a ring that I wouldn't submerge in water for long but it should stand up to minimal water exposure.

How did I know that Trina's head would implode?

I used to have a crush on Ty Pennington but downgraded him once I saw other hottie carpenters on various shows. Still, I bet he's got good wood! ;)

argh! i'm such a wood freak i have to pretend i didn't see this!
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