Sunday, January 29, 2006


The year of the dog!

If 2006 has been a major suckfest don't worry, just declare that you celebrate the lunar year so this is the start of the new year for you!


Celebrate and let this year be the best year ever for you and your crew!

Aren't you excited?

It's the year of the dog!

Year of the dog seems to be a transitional year for me:

1982: Was the year where I decided to change my career path to paleontology and would go out fossil hunting. I used an old coffee container to hold whatever I discovered on my digs.

1994: I graduated high school and started college. I joined a sorority and managed to kick a little ass.

If history repeats itself, there will be new and exciting opportunities for me!

This year, be fierce like a dog! Be loyal, be protective, be unafraid, take a chance! Declare this as your year! Grrr, the year of the dog!

SO far this year has started out wonderfully for everyone I know! I'm so happy because last year seemed to be pretty tough for all my loved ones!
Last year was so tough for so many people, myself included! But I think the tide will turn for so many this year.

Here's hoping this year is good for everyone!
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