Wednesday, February 08, 2006


*Gone* Pay It Forward: DRIV3R *Gone*

Remember that movie Pay It Forward where people do favors for one another and instead of having the favor returned they...wait for it....pay it forward?

Well my darlings, I'm needing to pay it forward and in order to do so I have this brand new and factory sealed copy of Driv3r for PlayStation2 up for grabs as long as you agree to.........pay it forward!

When you pay it forward, you're filled with warm fuzzies and have little hearts following you around. It doesn't hurt, I promise!

If you want more details about the game you can mosey on over to Amazon to get more details.

It's now spoken for and is going to Chrissy who's paying it forward with these stunning earrings: Daisy. Yay for paying it forward!

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