Saturday, February 04, 2006


Jaqua gift sets from Tyra Banks Show

My mom won these giftsets from the Tyra Banks Show, she gave them to me as I love Jaqua products. Yay for me!

The Lip Whip Set:

If you don't like sticky lip glosses, you'd like these. I find Chanel's Glossimers and Urban Decay's Lip Gunk a bit stickier than these. The color goes on more sheer than what's seen in the tube so I wouldn't recommend these for those with highly pigmented lips. Luckily, I don't have highly pigmented lips.

My favorite color of the three is Tuscan Orange which left my lips a dark pink color. Pink Buttercream leaves a very pale pink color on my lips and the Caramel Cappuccino comes out as a neutral color, very sheer.

The Lip Whip set retails for $28.00/Contains three 7ml/. 24 fluid oz. lip glosses in Pink Buttercream Frosting, Tuscan Orange and Caramel Cappuccino.

Our Favorite Body Butters Trio:

I really like Jaqua's body butters. I love to wear their Chocolat body butter with Piment et Chocolat by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz as the body butter adds a touch of sweetness to P&C without taking away from the spiciness of the fragrance.

I think I'll layer the Marshmallow Cocoa Marshmallow Cocoa with Serendipitous and I'll use the Buttercream one with Eau de Charlotte by Annick Goutal (I love, love, love to layer that fragrance with a cake scent). I have a lot of peach fragrances so I'll have to see which one works best with Peach Parfait.

Our Favorite Body Butters Trio retails for $22/Contains 2 oz.of each: Buttercream Frosting Shea Body Butter, Marshmallow Cocoa Body Butter, Peach Parfait Body Butter

Our Favorite Shower Syrups Set:

I'm addicted to shower gels so this is by far my favorite set of the three. I love Jaqua's shower syrups and already have a full size bottle of Caramel Cappuccino and a few other fragrances in their line but hadn't tried the other three in this kit.

My new favorite is the Maple Sugar one which smells like so much like maple syrup. I almost cried when I smelled this one as I suddenly craved pancakes. *sobs* I haven't had pancakes in forever! I really love this one!

Everyone knows that my biggest food weakness is a cupcake with buttercream icing (ok, ok I really should say cupcakes because who can stop at just one?) so I can't believe I hadn't tried the Buttercream Frosting shower syrup before! This is just as fabulous as the rest of Jaqua's Buttercream collection!

Tuscan Orange is probably the last scent I'd choose out of this collection. Not because it isn't good but let's face it, I'm a fiend for sweets and this isn't exactly a "break your belt" sweet fragrance in comparison to the rest of the line. Tuscan Orange is a very rich and deep blood orange scent which will be a perfect after a hard workout.

Our favorite shower syrups kit retails for $18/Contains: 2 oz. Hydrating Shower Syrups in Buttercream Frosting, Maple Sugar, Tuscan Orange and Caramel Cappuccino.

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