Saturday, February 04, 2006


My point of view

I'm a huge football fan but don't like football!

It's my nature to root for the underdog but the underdog this time around are the Seahawks where Matt Hasselbeck is the quarterback. He's the brother-in-law to The View's Elizabeth Hasselbeck and because I can't stand her and he's related to her by marriage, I'm not cheering for the underdog!

I think I may even like Star Jones over Elizabeth Hasselbeck and that's really saying something because I can't stand Star Jones!

Has anyone seen the Got Milk ad for The View? Click here to see it better. It says: Our point of view. Start off your day with milk. Studies show that calcium and nutrients in milk can play an important role in weight loss...

Um, how many gallons of milk did Star Jones drink then? Why is she so quiet about how she lost all that weight when clearly she lost it all because of milk!


Why do I even bother with diet and exercise???

Go Steelers!

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