Saturday, February 04, 2006


Two ring circus

Everything in moderation right?

I'm trying to keep my spending at a minimum and only buy what I really like as I'm sometimes swayed by sale prices and tend to impulse buy so I'm trying to use up the gift cards I have when I feel like shopping.

I felt like shopping today and since I had a $50 gift card to Overstock.com I decided to spend it on the following:

Sterling Silver Unisex Break Ring/$25.99

I liked the simplicity of this ring and that it has a brushed finish. This only came in one size so I hope it isn't too big on my finger but the fact that I have "man hands" means it'll probably fit!

Amethyst Double Jali Ring/$26.99

This was more of a last minute thing as I had set my eye on this Sterling Silver Filigree Ring and changed my mind at the last second to this one because I happen to love amethyst.

I'm not too sure about the design of the ring but it could be cuter in person? If you scroll down on the description to this one it says: Customers who bought this item often buy... and there is the picture of the Sterling Silver Unisex Break Ring.

I bet I was the only one who bought this ring, that's why they have that picture!

I got free shipping and only had to pay $2.98 for those two rings! Yay!

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