Sunday, March 05, 2006


2006 Academy Awards

On this Oscar night I didn't hear anyone ask what fragrance the stars were wearing! This drama queen had on Maybe Baby as the weather is getting a bit warm.

I was rather disappointed in the choice of gowns on the runway tonight but these were my favorites:

I must admit I didn't like Reese's dress on television, the lights made it rather pale and seem almost colorless. The pictures however brought out so much of the colors and detail. Gorgeous dress and it fit her beautifully! Her earrings were so perfect, flawless makeup and I loved her hair! Perfect gown to accept and Oscar in!

Salma! I love Salma! I think this dress was televised better than it was photographed on the red carpet. She's rather short and has a very curvaceous figure, very non-hollywood who always looks incredible on the red carpet. Love everything: the hair, makeup, color and style of the dress. To top things off, she's got a great personality and is incredibly humble - very non-hollywood indeed!

I like Keira Knightley, she seems rather grounded and has a brilliant future ahead of her. I loved her gown, especially loved the design and fit of the gown. The color seemed a bit too dark on television, I thought it was a chocolate brown color at first. . Once I saw the photographs of it I loved the gown even more! And that necklace! OMG, that necklace is AMAZING!

The one thing that really bothered me was her makeup, seems like her foundation and/or powder were slightly lighter in comparison to the rest of her skin. It may just have been the lighting as it's not as noticeable in other pictures. I loved the rest of her makeup, smoky eyes look really good on her.

I can't believe that Michelle Williams had a baby recently! *sobs* Life is so unfair! She looks incredible, that gown is fabulous and fits her beautifully! Great choice of color! I loved her makeup, especially the lashes.

I loved her necklace! Not as nice as Kiera's, but still fabulous!

"George Clooney's like a Chanel suit, he'll always be in style" - Said by Carrie on Sex and the City

My two favorite nominees in one picture!

I love Dolly so much it hurts! She was robbed! I wonder if Dolly would have won had she sung about how hard it is to be a pimp?

Come on, she pimps books people!

The future Mr. Atreau working the red carpet!

George Clooney's been my oldest hollywood boyfriend, loved him since his E/R & Facts of Life days!

Sexiest Man Alive indeed! Didn't think I could love him anymore until his speech tonight. *swoons and faints* So glad that he won!

I think Wonder Woman & Batman make a perfect match! ♥

Oh thank you for finding a decent shot of Salma - she was my sister and I's favorite of the evening. It looked so gorgeous on her when she was presenting on tv.
I just love Resse's speech - quoting June Carter Cash, "I'm just trying to matter." Beautiful! Can't wait to see the film!
Don't forget George's guest role on Golden Girls! What a cutie!
I love George Clooney *swoon*

I didn't see the whole thing but I'm glad I caught Geouge Clooney's wonderful speech. I thought Nicole Kidman was the belle of the ball this year.
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