Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Aqaba Spring

Taken from Miriam Mirani's Aqaba website.

If I could have re-chosen my signature 2005 autumn fragrance I would have chosen the original Aqaba as I wore that far more often than I did my original choice of Nanadebary Bronze.

Aqaba never seems to fail me and the more I wear it, the more I love it which got me to thinking, maybe I'd like Aqaba Spring just as much.

Aqaba Spring is described as: An exquisite, fresh experience, in fields of flowers. Top notes evoke a gentle breeze of Mandarin Orange with flower buds of Black Currants and biblical Cinnamon; as middle notes of nightblooming Egyptian Jasmine blend with multitudes of the Queen of Flowers: Roses of Damask, Morroc and Turkish Rose. Flowers of Peach and Apricot flow into a long-lasting dry-down of clove-pink buds and Vanilla-Bourbon.

It opens up with a burst of spiciness but after time reveals the floral and fruity notes. There is a sweetness to this fragrance but I wouldn't really classify it as a sweet fragrance as the scent really changes as the day goes on. The most predominant floral note on me is the jasmine and the dry down is a pale fruity scent.

Layers, it's all about the layers! Out here, early spring is a transitional season. Early in the morning and late at night, it's still relatively cold so you have to dress in layers. You'll want to skip the coat or the long sleeve shirts because by mid-morning, you're sweating your ass off.

That's where Aqaba Spring is perfect as it's a layered fragrance that changes as the day goes on. It doesn't hurt that the lasting power is quite strong on me.

Aqaba Spring retails for $125/3.3 oz, $85/1.7 oz. or $55/1 oz. and is available direct through the Aqaba website or LuckyScent

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