Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Oy, my hair!

I have the dullest hair in the world, dirt has more shine than my hair does!

When a box of Clairol Natural Instincts Shine Happy arrived two weeks ago I hoped it would be the answer to hairy issues. It's applied to damp hair and you apply it as you would hair color, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse it out.

Does it work?

Well, it left some shine and left my hair silky soft but it also stripped off my last hair color application. Before my last color application I had colored it black and you can't die over black so my naturally dark brown hair turned red but only on the sections that had not been colored black.

Needless to say I was frustrated but walked around with my tri-color hair that was very soft and semi-shiny for a week until I couldn't take it anymore!

Sunday night I decide to do something radical and chop it off into a bob. I was in college the first time I cut it in a bob and while I thought I looked ultra chic, my sister said I looked like George Washington.

Fine, whatever! Not to mention that I have Buddha hair! My hair is so thin that if you look at me directly and I have my chin pointed down a bit - I look like Buddha!

Still, in my mind I'm sure I can somehow look like Faye Dunaway as Bonnie and make it work.

Mind you, I have no experience in cutting my own hair but start hacking away at it anyhow. It's totally uneven and the more I cut, the more uneven it is! My hair is just one big choppy mess and instead of looking all Bonniesque I end up looking like Shaggy from Scooby Doo!

Monday morning I woke up half hoping it was a dream but it wasn't and I'm stuck with my Shaggy Buddha hair for a while.

Ah, it's only hair and it'll grow back!

Before I was diagnosed with Graves the majority of my hair fell out and I looked like a balding Billy Ray Cyrus with the mullet, so my Shaggy Buddha hair is still better than that look!

On the other hand, Achy Breaky Heart is long overdue for a comeback!

ROFL--I think it is a win win win situation:
Faye Dunaway = HOT
Shaggy = HOT
Billy Ray Syphilis= HOT

Yes when I was in college my friends and I called him Billy Ray Syphilis just cause he looked all smarmy and sexually deviant.
We were weird.
You know you were trying to rock a Jonnet! LOL! I've been tempted to do the same thing *so* many times (chop my hair, NOT go for a mullet)! And despite knowing that my hair is limp and uncooperative, a small part of me in convinced that somewhere out there is some miracle that would make my hair hold a pageboy and look halfway decent. *sigh*
Sand, PJ, T--LOL all the way, but very important:

Stop cutting! Must go to a professional!
wow, I tried to cut my own hair once. Big mistake! :-)
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