Sunday, March 05, 2006


Spice up your life!

The one party that's no fun to attend is a pity party!

Instead of reaching for Origins Ginger Essence, my usual feel good fragrance. I chose to go out in All Out Ginger Mode!

The Gingerbread Man Showergel & Bubblebath $18/16 oz.

I just love Philosophy showergels! They are a real treat to use after a hard workout so I was more than pleased when this contest win which arrived two weeks ago.

This smells very similar to Origins Ginger Burst with a slightly more citrusy scent. While Ginger Burst leaves me slightly more moisturized, Gingerbread Man Showergel retails for almost half the price for double the product.

I wouldn't hesitate to replace this bottle once I run out!

Gingerbread Man Salt Scrub $25/20 oz.

If you love Origins Ginger Body Scrub, you'd love this product as both smell very similar. I have two main issues with Origins Ginger Body Scrub, the first one being that it comes packaged in a glass container. While the glass container looks pretty, it's not really feasible and it's rather unsafe in the bath/shower.

The second issue I have with Origins Ginger Body Scrub is that it's incredibly oily! Unless you love falling in the shower (which I've done on a number of occasions) this isn't an ideal product. Not only does it leave an oily film in your tub but also on your skin, yuck!

Never fear, Philosophy's Gingerbread Man comes packaged in a plastic container and is oil free!

The Gingerbread Man Body Soufflé $15/3.5 oz.

The rest of Philosophy's Gingerbread Man line seems to meet or exceed that of Origins Ginger line except when it comes to body soufflé!

Origins Ginger Soufflé is one of my absolute favorite products on the market. If I were forced to use only ten products out of my entire collection, this would be one of them!

Philosophy's Gingerbread Man Soufflé has a lot more citrus than Origins Ginger soufflé but it seems to be mixed along with a bit of a sour milk scent. Granted the scent of Philosophy's Gingerbread Man Soufflé does get slightly better in time.

I don't know if Gingerbread Man Soufflé is currently discontinued but I saw it packaged along with the other products in the Gingerbread Man line during the holiday season.

BPAL Gingerbread Poppet $16/ 5 ml

I ordered Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's "BPAL" Gingerbread Poppet unsniffed back in December which was part of the limited edition Yule line. Described on the site as: Warm, cozy gingerbread spiced with nutmeg, clove and cinnamon.

Sounds wonderful right? In the bottle it really is but things change once it's on the skin.

While the spice is there, it's much sweeter than I expected. Wearing it, I feel like a walking Yankee Candle. Not necessarily a bad thing but it isn't what I was going for!

I don't regret purchasing this but don't think I'd replace it as I think this would work out much better as a room fragrance.

Spice World $8.99

You can't go into All Out Ginger Mode without watching the critically acclaimed Spice World which features Geri Halliwell better known as "Ginger Spice."

As much as I try, I can't stay depressed while watching Spice World! Sometimes it does require multiple viewings but in the end, it's an automatic guarantee to feeling much better!

"When you are feeling, sad and low,

We will take it, we gotta go,

Smiling dancing, everything is free,

All you need is positivity,

Colors of the world, Spice up your life,

Every boy and every girl, Spice up your life,

People of the world, Spice up your life,


S, I just want to say: I love Spice World. I saw it in the theater.
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