Sunday, March 12, 2006


Twenty minutes ago

Twenty minutes ago I thought cutting my own hair was a great idea!


Sand, I've done this, where I just took a pair of scissors and hacked off my hair. I once had a terrible time at a sleepover summer camp. some people were very mean and I felt pushed to the point of taking the pain out on myself. I don't know if this was your case but I destroyed my hair so badly (it was down my back and I cut it to my chin), someone actually had to help me even out the ends, but then I think it looked fine. Whatever you did to it is fixable, and if you want the length back, I have nothing against hairpieces and extensions, all part of show biz anyway. I'm sorry that you're sorry. If it makes you feel better, short hair is back in and I'm thinking about hacking mine off (not by myself this time).
awww, sweets! i'm sorry that you're feeling this way... i hope that you end up with a wonderful hairstyle that you love, and one day you can look back on this day and just laugh. much love to you.
Oh, dearie!
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