Wednesday, March 15, 2006


V'Tae Sacred Fire Eau de Parfum

V'Tae Sacred Fire is described as:

The fire of desire sets your spirits free in one of our most popular, provocative scents. A magical mix of essential oils, resins, & balsams. (Sacred Fire fused amber (made with labdanum, rose, jasmine, strayx & vanilla) with sandalwood, davana, rare osmanthus, frankincense, Himalayan cedar, & coriander). The result is a fragrance, old as time, yet sophisticated, contemorary & confident!

I ordered V'Tae Sacred Fire Eau de Parfum unsniffed based reviews from fellow Piment et Chocolat lovers as they mentioned that the two smelled similar.

How similar do they smell?

Well, Sacred Fire isn't an exact replica of Piment et Chocolat rather, Sacred Fire smells a lot like the drydown of Piment et Chocolat. If you strip off the chocolate and the chile spices from Piment et Chocolat, that's what Sacred Fire smells like.

I guess it could be described as a spicy amber that's sweetenend with vanilla but there's more.

For years now I've searched for a fragrance that smells like the air outside when people burn cedar firewood. I can't pinpoint it and maybe it's the mixture of incense and cedar but I swear I can smell a bit of smoky cedar firewood in here. At times throughout the day I could detect a very soft jasmine in here.

One major drawback is that Sacred Fire starts off incredibly strong but dries down relatively fast.

Sacred Fire retails for $25/2 oz. but you can order it for $15 through the Amazon link for Vitaminlife.com.

Ok, I can't NOT get this one now! Have you tried the others? They ALL look good! My poor wallet...
That leather jacket scent is calling my name... ugh, and I've already blown my perfume budget for this month already! GAH!
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