Thursday, March 30, 2006


Will & Grace

Tonight's episode of Will & Grace was the taping that my parents attended, the one with Britney Spears. This was taped back in February, the week of valentine's.

They got to stay at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and because the day of the taping was changed at the last minute, they were there for an additional day.

They had a blast on the trip but mentioned that the taping took forever so it got annoying after a while.

Blame it on Britney!

Taping takes forever--so true. It's amazing how everything's edited down so neatly into one show. I remember days of being out on location in the freezing subzero NY winter for hours...all for a 2 minute segment! How nice that your parents got to be part of the making of Will & Grace. Britney's lookin' good.
My parents mentioned certain scenes that were cut out of the taping as well as the re-writes that went on. Still, they had an absolute blast!
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