Monday, March 06, 2006


WW: The child of Jabba & Cookie Monster

I like guarantees in life! I like things to be an exact way! I expect to receive specific outcomes everytime I put in so much effort!

I don't understand how there are weeks that I lose miniscule amounts or even nothing. Those are the weeks where I'm busting my ass accounting for every single piece of food that I eat or I'm sobbing through an entire workout because I can't take it anymore!

I didn't eat too badly this past week minus the fact that I did happen to eat a fair share of Girl Scout Cookies. Add on to that the fact that I only logged in one hour on the treadmill the entire week! I don't understand how it happened but somehow I lost exactly two pounds this week!

Seriously, how is it possible when I turned into evil demented child of Cookie Monster and Jabba the Hutt I lose two pounds!

I got the same usual message when I logged in my weight:

WAY TO GO! Congratulations for losing weight this week. We hope you're thrilled with the result. Here's a quote by Aristotle that we thought might strike a chord with you: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."

Keep practicing your excellence and have a great week

I don't get it!?!?! I seriously don't get it and this aggravates the hell out of me!

A new week, a change to right all wrongs and do better than last week. Watch me gain four back by busting my ass on the treadmill!

Yay for you!!! The loss, I mean - not the frustration. I've long since stopped trying to understand why my body does what it does :~P
Keep on keepin' on!

I can explain why you lost. You almost had your body going into starvation response, which means it will attempt to KEEP everything you eat, just for survival. When you allow yourself to 'celebrate' now and then (even a time or two a week), you tell your body that it is not starving and it responds by not hanging onto all you eat.

Moral of the story--relax a bit and reward yourself with what you like--in moderation, of course. My wife, after trying everything in the world and failing, has gone over to this approach and lost 50 pounds in about a month and a half. "Graze" throughout the day in small amounts and you will be surprised at the seemingly illogical response, but you should be pleased, nontheless.

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