Friday, April 14, 2006


Angela Tong Swan Ring

Taken from AngelaTong.com

I have been in love with Angela Tong's Swan Ring for a while now and was so unsure on whether I should purchase it or not as they're only sold in specific sizes. Once again, damn you man hands!

Anyhow, Last December Trunkt (where the ring is also sold) ran a promotion where the entire site was 25% off with a code. I pondered ordering it, but ultimately decided against it and had regretted that decision since.

Opportunity arose again two weeks ago when once again there was a 25% off code at Trunkt through Daily Candy's Deals. If I don't answer the door the first go round, you can bet your ass I'm going to answer it if opportunity knocks once again!

Placed my order and two days later it was in was on my pinky finger! I love it, it's gorgeous and fits just perfectly! Trunkt only offers the silver version so that's the one I purchased, naturally.

I've been called lucky by a lot of people which I shrug off for the most part but I can't deny the fact that I was incredibly lucky this time around as when I placed the order, the ring was priced at $66 so with the 25% off code I only paid $49.50! Since then, just a few days after receiving my order - the price shot up to $80.

I know, I know, the price of silver just went up but still what are the odds that I ordered the ring right before the price went up and the code was still in effect - huh?!?!

No seriously, what are the odds?

I wonder if I get two more wishes - world peace? Nah, I'll take Clooney and his villa! Wait does he come with the villa? Then that counts as one! Okay, Clooney and world peace!

Swan ring retails for $80/silver or $298/gold and can be purchased direct through Angela Tong or at Trunkt.

LOL--you have the best sense of humor and I love how you write!

I would admire your beautiful *Woman* hand with that Swan Ring on your pinky like it's meant to be, so don't call 'em no man hands. ;-) But if I ever met you, I'm gonna have to ask you to annoint me or rub my forehead or something--I could use some of that Atreau Luck!
*swoons* Oh those are lovely. I'm not even a ring person really and I would love those. So purty.

"Then that counts as one!" Hee! Yes, yes it does! Heh.
Ooh la love. I've been admiring the ring for a while too -- I've seen it pop up on other blogs, and I also used to write/blog for Trunkt. Check my dot-com when you can, doll.
Lucky you! I have the Swan Ring, too. I needed a bigger size, so I contacted the designer and she made me a size 7. I love wearing it.

I just saw a coupon code on http://www.misslist.com/coupons.html for 15% off any of Angela Tong's jewelry. Now, I am tempted to get the Turning Leaf Ring.
I just love this ring! It's so beautiful and makes me so happy!

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