Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Comme des Garcons Vettiveru

Picture taken from Luckyscent.com

Ho hum, I was wanting to test something new when lo and behold opportunity arouse to buy a decant of Vettiveru from Comme des Garcons Series 4: Cologne.
Vettiveru is described on Luckyscent as:
Masterfully blended, Vettiveru is perfectly balanced and surprisingly deep for a cologne, and an absolute must for all lovers of vetiver. It opens with a citrusy bergamot and the soft green of vetiver. Once it settles, it drifts in and out of being a light, dry woody scent (white cedar) and a wonderfully verdant and clean vetiver. We love the way it meanders between feeling ‘dry brown’ and ‘clean green, ’ and we can practically guarantee that Vettiveru will be fragrance you reach for when YOU want to wear the scent, not the other way around. Subtle yet please-rub-on-my-sheets/furniture/pillows-so-I-can-smell-it-when-you’re-gone memorable.

The notes in Vettiveru are: Vetiver, bergamot, neroli & white cedar

Out of the three from this series, Vettiveru was the one that appealed to me the least as I'm rather iffy when it comes to vetiver and neroli tends to give me a headache but I figured it was worth a shot.

Vettiveru starts out very fresh on me, a rather soft vetiver but at the same time still bold enough to make a statement. I first tested this on a really hot afternoon and it bugged me but today it was cooler and it seemed like the perfect choice. To me it seems more citrusy today than it did withimmensemense heat.

So, the neroli...that's what bugged me when I first tested it. I don't know but the neroli seemed stronger when I wore this in warmer whether. Not that the neroli is strong in this fragrance, it's not but it's one note I really could do without in any fragrance. The cedar is very, very faint - part of me wishes it were stronger as I love cedar.

I was expecting rather poor staying power but this lasts on me for several hours before feeling the need to spray again. While I like it, I'm not sure I LOVE it so the decant was a good decision but I probably won't replace it once this one's empty.

Vettiveru retails for $80/17 oz. at Luckyscent - that's right baby - seventeen ounces! Man, every fragrance should come in 17 oz. bottles!

Ooh, a deep cologne sounds very nice indeed, though I'm generally not a vetiver person. I like neroli, though (yes, we have different tastes in fragrance--but we both like cedar) so I have to try this one day. 17 fl oz is just too big to ever finish! I think my La Chasse aux Papillons in the 9.9oz size is big enough. Still, the bottle must be gorgeous to display--I'm such a sucker for nice glass bottles.
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