Sunday, April 02, 2006


Lily Lambert No. 44

I know how blessed I am and that for the most part I have never wanted for anything, for the most part!

That really can't be said about two certain toys that I was denied in my childhood - An Easy Bake Oven* and a Strawberry Shortcake Doll!

Oh sure, I had Strawberry Shortcake ornaments, glasses (remember when they sold glasses at Pizza Hut?), pillows, blankets and a few other things but never the doll!

Wait a second, I did have the miniature dolls which did smell like Strawberry Shortcake but that's not the same!

Denied! Shot down and I'm still quite bitter about it!

Ah sure, they still sell those things but it's just not the same. I mean really, the new Strawberry Shortcake is just plain creepy and she just doesn't smell the same!

Not that the original Strawberry Shortcake smelled of actual strawberries more like strawberry cotton candy but for us little girls of the 80's that still seek that scent but are looking for something that suits our now adult ages *sobs* that's where Lily Lambert No 44 comes in.

Described as: Lush, full bodied, this sexy fragrance has strawberry as its heart note, set like a jewel in a rich tapestry of blackberry, sage, and musk.

Lily Lambert No 44 is more of a naturally sweet strawberry scent. You know when you buy fresh strawberries that have that gorgeous candy red hue where the skin is so shiny you'd swear it was dipped in oil. This smells like the way those strawberries smell, a bright vibrant naturally sweetened scent.

The other notes are bit characters in the entire fragrance. Slightly more sage than the other notes but still rather subtle. At times, the blackberry was more evident but when it comes down to it, the strawberry is the diva in this fragrance!

Love it! Lily Lambert No 44 retails for $40/.35 oz and is available through B-glowing.

By the way, 25% off everything at B-glowing with code: instyle06

*If I wanted to bake a cake I can use a real oven now! Thank you very much! Seriously, were there any kids who had serious burns from baking a cake with a lightbulb?!?!?

ejugqknI like No.44, too! I'm torn between No.44 and No.66 at this point. It always makes me happy to find a good berry scent. It must resonate with the kid within me.
I'll have to give this one a sniff - I'm all about the nostalgia scents! And FYI - apparently the "That's So Raven" fragrance is supposed to smell like MLPs. Haven't had a chance to test that rumor out either.

Did you see my post on MUA about V'Tae Egyptian Garden? The opening smells *just* like Tinkerbell powder! I'm already thinking about getting myself a backup bottle :~D

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