Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Stuff from Miss Misa

Gold Swallow Necklace $28

I'm usually not a trendy girl when it comes to jewelry, I basically wear what I like. I also try to stay away from gold toned items they seems to wash me out a bit but I do like it on occasion.

While shopping last month, I really liked the style of the Gold Swallow Necklace and as I was about to order it, I noticed that for a few dollars more I could instead order the Three Month Necklace Subscription as it was the necklace chosen for the month of March.

Silver Swallow Necklace $24

Other perks given to subscribers are discounts and the ability to vote on which necklace is selected for the following month. The necklace chosen for the month of April was the Silver Swallow Necklace. If you look at the picture on the website, the chain is attatched to the tail of the sparrow. Well, I'm somewhat picky and asked Misa if she by any chance attach the chain to the wings instead of the tail on mine.

I didn't threaten violence or anything, I just asked politely and she said yes!

My necklace is special and I love it! I am so glad I asked because in all honesty, the silver swallow necklace didn't originally appeal to me when I fell for the gold swallow necklace. Now I love it even more than the gold swallow necklace!

First Kiss Pin $12.50

Back in February I believe, Miss Misa contributed some First Kiss Pins to
The Sampler but I didn't get one in my subscription - I try not to set my heart on any one item because odds are it won't be in my Sampler - for that month so I asked Misa to please add them to the site - I'm sounding awfully bossy - and she did! Yay!

Shame I totally suck at picture taking because everything is so much cuter in person! I also have to mention that Misa is an absolute sweetheart!

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