Monday, April 24, 2006


Versace The Dreamer

I'm feeling rather comfy cozy today and wearing Versace's The Dreamer which is marketed for men but I love it on myself!

According to Osmoz, the notes in The Dreamer are:
Top: Clary sage, Lavender, Mandarin, Mace
Middle: Tobacco, Geranium, Carnation, Rose
Base: Vetiver, Cedar, Tonka, Fir

It starts off with a subtle spice, I love spicy fragrances but am not really fond of the spice found in the top notes. It seems a bit out of place and don't really flow with the rest of the scent. I love the lavender in here, it smells rather cool and refreshing. The heaviest scent on me is the tobacco which is slightly sweet at first and diminishes the longer I wear it. The floral and wood notes are incredibly soft on me, it's the tobacco that really makes this fragrance.

I've been wearing The Dreamer to bed lately as it's a rather comforting fragrance. They staying power is very good on me, I can easily detect it hours after application.

Seems like The Dreamer is easily found at a discount price and can be purchased for under $30 a bottle. Love it!

Ach, I love this scent. It smells a little like Good and Plenty candies, too, especially on my boys. So refreshing smelling. There are awesome deals on it on ebay, too - I got a brand-new bottle (still sealed in it's box with the plastic) for all of twelve bucks, which includes the shipping!! I think you just have to be patient though with those deals and stalk the auctions for it out regularly from time to time, though.
Sounds wonderful! I'm off to add this to my wish list. Must get a sample!
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