Wednesday, May 24, 2006



Contest wins this year haven't been as fabulous as in year's past but I just won the most fabulous prize ever - a year's subscription to Netflix! Yay!

This is seriously the most awesome thing ever as I love, love, love movies! In college my friends and I would rent a ton of movies as we only had to pay fifty cents a rental. To top that off, every week the student paper would run a movie trivia contest and the prizes were movies from Miramax - I won every time. You know how songs easily recall memories? Well, for me and college - it's all about movies!

I plan on only watching the movies when I'm on the treadmill, to further motivate myself to exercise.

So far I've added a bunch of documentaries to my queue, several foreign films, a few blockbusters and of course - all of the Pippi movies!

I LOVE Pippi! As a kid, I had all of the books and was obsessed with the movies. Long live Villa Villakulla! Annika is still one of my favorite names in the world and is a serious top contender as a name if I someday have a daughter.

Pippi Longstocking is one of the many, many reasons why all Swedish things are awesome!

Seriously, don't even get me started on my love of ABBA. *sigh*

That's a great prize, S! I love Netflix so much. I hardly ever go to the movies anymore, and it's so great to always have movies at home to watch. Plus Netflix has pretty much everything you could ever want to see. Congratulations!
That is a fabulous prize. I know you love movies.

Pippi was a fave for me too.

That is one fabulous prize! It really pays off to try for all these things, I guess I should do it more!
Congrats! Same here, I love Pippi. In French it was called Fifi brin d'acier. Makes me want to rent it too.
Oooh, congrats. I love Netflix - it's made getting so many of the smaller films so much easier to get our hands on now. I hope you have great fun with it, and enjoy!
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