Monday, May 22, 2006


Recent Acquisitions

Jem ring

Remember Jem? Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame! Jem is truly outrageous....? This ring reminds me of Jem. Anytime I wear this ring I'm going to say "Showtime, Synergy!" and wait to transform.

flawed bag

I loved the fabric on this bag so much and considered it a steal as it was sale priced because of a minor flaw. Can you spot the flaw?

Check out the birds, they're upside down! The fabric was sewn upside down but instead of diminishing the appeal of the bag I think it adds character! My bag is flawed like me! :)

50's Horseshoe Rhinestone Necklace /$35

This is the final necklace from my Miss. Misa Jewelry Subscription. I've been really happy with all the selections thus far but am a bit unsure if I'll subscribe again as I haven't been wearing necklaces lately. Life would be so much easer if I had an actual neck instead of the head and shoulders bit I sport.

Remember when Barbie was struck down with broken neck syndrome and you'd push down her head all down to somehow salvage her? That's what I look like!

Bargain shoppers take note - the three month subscription is $36 and includes shipping for 3 necklaces. The necklace shown above is $35 alone and does not include shipping - that's extra. I may not have much of a neck but I do have a bit of a brain when it comes to bargain shopping!

Carnival Ring

I first found out about Brokedown Barn through Crafters for Critters as they had donated a handful of awesome items including this awesome Bird on a Limb Necklace which I thought was the most awesome thing ever until I set my eyes on this Carnival Ring. I ran to their website where they had even more incredible jewelry and that's when I fell in love with the Carnival Ring you see above. The only thing that stopped me from buying it right away was the price, $85 so I kept my love for it on the backburner with the hope that it would one day go on sale - the day came and I caved!

You can see more Brokedown Barn gems here:

Brokedown Barn Jewelry

Brokedown Barn through Crafters for Critters - All proceeds from Crafters for Critters are donated to animal rescue organizations.

Attention please to the gods and goddesses of blessings - please, please, please grant me a sale on the Holly Cruise Sweety Cakes Rings! ♥

I Want the Jem Ring!!
I kind of dig the upside down birdies - it's like it could be some weird mysterious metaphor for ??? I don't know what for, actually. I just kind of like that bag ;) Great color on the print, too, especially for summer.
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