Thursday, June 08, 2006


Attention bargain shoppers!

Ho hum, I was wondering what I fragrance I should buy myself for my upcoming landmark birthday so I'm running through the filofax of fragrances I "need" and it hit me!

*rolls eyes*

Duh, I totally have to buy Lancôme Mille & Une Roses! Not only because it's a gorgeous rose fragrance that was ever so kindly presented to me by my darling friend and mentor Barbatia but it's also my best friend Annieytown's special fragrance that is wrapped with with all sorts of wonderful wishes and dreams.

Seriously, it may be the most perfect fragrance for this occasion as she wished it to come back on the market and it did! Oh man, I hope she isn't wishing for some Clooney love because I may be forced to put a hex on her.

Anyhow, I'm all about wishes and dreams, especially since I'm about to enter a whole new decade in my life so this is perfect.

Which leads me to the bargain part of this post. If you sign into Ebates and place your order through there you earn a 6% rebate on your purchase. Plus, with code FATALJUN you get a free seven piece sample collection (as shown below) with any $60 purchase. Not to mention that you get to choose another free sample with your order and there is free shipping with any $50 or more purchase.

They also gift wrap for free if you're interested - which I was! Don't forget to use your favorite cash back/reward points credit card to finalize your order.

$125, such a small price to pay for wishes and dreams! ♥


Sorry to do this in your comments but I can't find an email for you!

I just recently discovered Omblogio! I have been exploring the perfume blogosphere. I keep the fashion blog Almost Girl

Anyway, in addition to my personal blog I am one of the editors of Coutorture Media, a fashion blogging community that is 89 strong! I am writing you today to ask if you would consider joining us! We are looking to include more beauty and fragrance blogs to help broaden the community. Fashion, beauty, and fragrance blogs tend to operate in different areas with different readerships and I thought it would be great to have a little more cross pollination to keep us all livelier!

Coutorture partners with other fashion bloggers, online fashion magazines, fashion forums, and fashion professionals in order to promote the online fashion community. Coutorture’s philosophy is based on the idea that communities know their needs better than outsiders and as such should be able to actively participate, engage, and work to shape their community. Coutorture is the new fashion community! Coutorture’s mission is to highlight the wealth and diversity of the fashion blogosphere while creating an online fashion community that is open and accountable to all.

Coutorture partnerships allow us to drive traffic between Coutorture and our partners, insuring that the larger fashion community is kept vibrant, alive, and together. By making all content on Coutorture subject to feedback and community input that content becomes more dynamic and alive within the online fashion world. The interaction between Courtorture’s readership, current Partner readership, and the larger fashion community allows us to truly develop a larger online fashion community that is engaged and responsible to us all. Blog partners share their content on Coutorture, enabling it to be shown on our daily front and section pages as well as allowing it to be part of the Coutorture Conversation’s community. All content will feature the blogger and link back to the site.

We also have a few very keen promotions for our bloggers going on right now just to give you a flavor of the sorts of partnerships I like to pursue for the benefit of Coutorture bloggers.
Star Style
In conjunction with Coutorture, Star Style is producing a series of fashion, shopping, and celebrity style videos. Coutorture partners can syndicate these videos on their own blogs, and will be compensated on a CPM basis. Contact julief at coutorture.com for details. You can view some of these videos here:
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Ok, I hope this isn't too much information at once! Keep on blogging and I can't wait to hear from you!


Julie Fredrickson
Coutorture Media LLC
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Phone: (303) 803-6082
Fax: (866) 224-6202
I bought the blue juice this spring and must admit to loving it too. It really showcases everything I love about roses.

And thanks for the discount info!
Happy Upcoming B-day sweet S!!!
You should totally treat yourself to this special, wonderful fragrance!

Miss chatting with you!!

I stumbled across your blog on a search for "fabulous blogs"...now I know why you are considered fabulous! It looks like we have more in common than blogging!
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