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Gardenias are one of my absolute favorite flowers, not only does it smell heavenly but it's aesthetically pleasing. I love everything about them, the color, the texture and most of all the scent!

A few summers back I was obsessed with finding the perfect gardenia fragrance and tried my fare share of them but didn't really take to any of them. Still, I hunted for that perfect gardenia scent and filled the need that summer with the help of lots of gardenia candles and sachets. I tried Kai back then but didn't really take to it as back then as I really wasn't into oils. Good thing I gave Kai a second try.

Kai perfume oil

Described as: An intoxicating blend of tropical gardenia and white exotic flowers. Preciously packed in a roll-on vile, the delightful scent of Kai is conveniently carried and stored for a quick and easy dabbing anywhere or anytime.

With oils, it's so easy to overapply as the fragrance intensifies with the warmth of your skin. What I like about Kai is that it isn't too weak or too strong, it's the perfect balance. I've heard jasmine being mentioned as one of the notes but I sadly don't get any jasmine in here nor do I get plumeria, I do get a hint of honeysuckle however.

I've always envied those types of girls who can go out in public wearing flowers in there hair. When I do it, I just look like a mega dork so I don't bother doing it in public - in private however, that's a different story! Yeah, I've secretly worn gardenias in my hair! I can't help it, I'm just enthralled in the scent!

Kai perfume oil retails for $45/ 0.8 ounces

Kai Glow

Described as: Gives your skin that sexy glow. Kai in a light blend of natural essences and exotic perfumes, in a lustrous and naturally hydrating mist.

Kai Glow is a dry oil mist that's scented with Kai fragrance. This was a last minute purchase as I was convinced that I didn't really need it, having the perfume oil already but was incredibly interested in comparing the two products.

The first time I used it, I sprayed it on my arms, decloté and ran my still damp hair with my fingers. The scentdisappearedd all too quickly on my arms but lingered on my decloté and of course in my hair. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and lightly scented. While the scent doesn't last as long as the Kai perfume oil, I really liked how the product made my skin feel and loved that it was lightly scented.

Kai Glow retails for $28/4 oz.

Kai body lotion

Described as: Our Kai scented body moisturizer. Kai Body Lotion contains safflower seed oil, shea butter, apricot kernal oil and cucumber fruit extract.

I'm a product junkie and like to have matching products of my favorite scents, mainly lotions. Like the body glow, the lotion is also lightly scented with Kai fragrance. It's strong enough to wear on it's own but I'd highly recommend combining with with one or both of the previous products to have the scent last all day. When I layered all three products, I'm good for an entire day and have no need to reapply once.

The issues I have with fragranced lotions is either they tend not to provide enough moisturizer or they tend to be sticky. Kai lotion was just perfect, left me well moisturized and not sticky at all.

Kai body lotion retails for $30/8 oz. bottle

This is sucha pretty scent! I am not even a fan of gardenias at all, and I find Kai very enjoyable.

Have a great weekend, S!!
I guess I'll give it another try thanks to you and my floral phase as of late. I think the dry oil might be just the ticket.
By all logic I should love this scent! I'm going to give it another try, too. I don't get plumeria or jasmine, either, but I get a fresh helping of green.
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