Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Mollisher's Mark

On this day of days I'm sporting a mark!

Ah, not the triple six mark, although I am quite devilish I've got on Mollisher's Mark by Beyond the Pale!

I first heard of Beyond the Pale through The Sampler as they were a December '05/January '06 contributor. Sadly, I didn't receive a sample of fragrance in my subscription and they were constantly sold out of samples so I hadn't tried any of their fragrances until now.

Mollisher's Mark is described as: Utterly feminine, powdery parma violets melt intriguingly into fresh rosewood and pure vanilla, infused with a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg and exotic sandalwood in the pure jojoba oil base. Reminiscent of decadent boudoirs, silk stockings draped nonchalantly over the dressing table- the subtle naughtiness of a bygone era; Mollisher's Mark is a long-lasting, uniquely spiced yet subtly floral fragrance, for ladies with pouty lips and a knowing wink...

First off I love violets, not to mention I'm a diehard spice junkie so add the two together and already I'm in heaven.

The violets aren't green at all, but not overly powdery either. Dusty rather with hints of spice that is even more evident when you're out in the sun. I often have an allergic reaction to fragrances heavy in cinnamon oil - to the point where my skin turns beet red and puffs up. Thankfully there isn't a lot of cinnamon oil in here, just enough. The woods are much stronger upon initial application but once the fragrance warmed with my skin, I couldn't detect them.

I love this, I really do! It's a gorgeous blend and one I wouldn't hesitate to order it again. Very lovely!

I purchased the smaller bottle show above for £4.99 but they also sell 10ml bottles for £9.99 directly through Beyond the Pale or Ebay, other fragrances in the line are also sold through Queen of Hearts.

Thanks for the review. This line is intriguing. I want to check them out.
Very interesting! Putting these on my must try list. Me,well I was out celebrating,err,I mean, repenting,all day.
Ooooh, thanks for the post - I've never heard of Beyond the Pale. Huh - very nifty, and the MM you describes sounds good, and not too spendy either which is nice. Thanks S!
How fun - I think I may have to buy some "Strumpet" from Beyond The Pale just so I can say it when people ask what perfume I am wearing. :-D
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