Monday, July 10, 2006


WW: Goodbye to my 20's.

*sigh* So, this is my last WW weigh-in as a twenty-something. I'm feeling a bit sappy and sad. I'm not ready to turn 30! I haven't done half the things I thought I'd do this year! *sobs*

Would it be too late to submit my case to the Supreme Court? I mean, I shouldn't be forced to do something I don't want to do! After all, this is America! *sarcastic*

Since my last weigh in, I've been really good with sticking to my Weight Watchers points and exercising. When I weighed myself last week, my weight was elevated by a pound. When I saw the numbers, I started to cry. As it is, I was overly emotional because I was on my cycle and while I tend to retain water, I didn't expect it to be higher than the week before!

This past week I continued to stick to it and when I weighed myself this morning, I was down five pounds from last week! Yay!

Short lived celebration however as according to Weight Watchers, I'm now in a different weight class and am being robbed of two points a day to continue my weight loss.

Two points! That's half a box of Pocky right there!


SI: Starting all over again has been hard but good at the same time. You live, you learn and it's not going to come easily or overnight but it will come. I am really trying to let go of minor issues - not letting them build up, just letting them go - forever. It's the minor issues that contributed to my everyday injuries so I'm making progress there.

I really need to speak up when things bother me - speak up, speak loud, speak often!

Anyhow, I'm in it for the long haul, no matter how long it takes! I have to be honest with myself, there is never going to be a day where eating disorders and self injury are part of my past - they will always be a part of me, whether I continue the behavior or not but I don't have to let them have such control over my life.

Through out this entire change there are times where I envision what could be, possibilities that haven't been explored. For those possibilities to happen I'm going to have to continue forward - onward and upward.

I'm nowhere near where I thought I'd be by now, but one day I will be.

No worries - 30 is great! I promise! Although you do have my sincerest condolences for having to currently give up half a box of Pocky. On the hand, yay you, for reaching that milestone. You've worked so hard at it, and congrats on your success.

Oh wait, there was one bad thing about turning 30 for me... all the terribly stupid jokes everyone made around my birthday. I wasn't sweating 30, but everyone around me acted like I should be. Honestly. Why should we not be thrilled about it? Only five more years, and you can run for President! Heh.
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