Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Pretty ugly fingerless gloves

I have always hated the look of fingerless gloves, they look so abnormal and out of place and I honestly never thought I'd own a pair.

Until the reality of the colder weather approaching got me thinking as not only does my eczema flare up during cold weather but my hands turn into ice. It is so hard to type wearing gloves so I had been searching for a cute pair of fingerless gloves and found these fingerless gloves.

They are adorable and if you have to look ugly, you should at least look pretty ugly!

What attracted me to them was not only the design but that they were made of such soft wool. Good quality wool isn't itchy and I shouldn't have any problems once my eczema is at its worse as anything rubbing against cracked skin is incredibly painful.

I love them so much that I've placed a custom order for another pair.

These pretty ugly fingerless gloves were $8.50 and purchased through loveyourbagdesigns.etsy.com.

Ok, can you *please* explain the point of these things to me? My fingers are the only part of my hands that really gets cold, so unless I wanted to make a throwback fashion statement, I don't get what use they are. Aren't your fingers still freezing?


p.s. I *do* think that pair is cute!
I do not get it either.

Hope you are well dear S.

I miss you!
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