Thursday, October 19, 2006


Beyond the Pale: Flummery

The creator describes it as:

The formal description is:
Flummery is an enticing blend of spiced honey; pure creamy vanilla; soft, musky cedar, sultry ginger and the calming, powdery note of benzoin. Serenely alluring, dangerously addictive, smells good enough to eat!

The term "flummery" comes originally from the old Welsh llymru, meaning a soft jelly made from oatmeal. It is still used to describe a number of soft, sweet puddings or custards and was also a common way to describe deceptively flattering language or humbug, very likely used to butter someone up for nefarious purposes...

I purchased this unsniffed mainly because I love honey something fierce and I melt when it comes to spices so I figured this would be perfect for me.

What it smells like: Well, not exactly honey - more like a spiced caramel. The ginger really takes a hold of this blend upon initial application. The cedar is light, hidden deep in the background and fades into this mixture.

I have very sensitive skin and try to avoid oil blends that contain cinnamon and/or nutmeg oils are those heavily irritate my skin. As in my skin turns bright lobster red and puffs up like the Marshmallow Man. Thankfully it's a temporary reaction.

Cinnamon oil in gums and toothpastes swells up my mouth and burns my throat. Dry cinnamon is a different matter and I have no problems with synthetic cinnamon.

Now ginger oil is a non-irritant unless used in high concentrations (as is nutmeg) so I'm unsure if my skin is also heavily irriated by ginger as upon initial application my skin becomes heavily irritated and puffy.

About half an hour after application I can detect some cinnamon which blends right into the ginger.

I really wish my skin didn't have such a dramatic reaction to this scent as it's perfect for winter. At first I described it as a Yankee candle type scent but it's since grown on me.

Flummery is the type of fragrance to wear on a cold dreary day when you stay in and wear your pajamas, snuggle under a bunch of blankets and watch movies.

Perhaps it's time to invest in a scent locket?

Flummery retails for £9.99/10 ml at Beyond the Pale.

this sounds yummy!
I'm a bit leary of honey but if you say it smells more like caramel that's good. I like cedar and benzoin too!
This does sound wonderful for winter. I have been curious about this line - it's "niche" even for a niche line, so it's good to see one of them reviewed. Kinda off the wall fragrances, but that really appeals to me sometimes.
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