Thursday, October 19, 2006


HK Train Case

Look what I found at Marshalls for only $9.99: a Hello Kitty train case! I actually found two and bought them both.

At first I wasn't going to buy it because those polka dot bow ties freaked me out. They're a bit Tucker Carlsonesque and he gives me the heebie jeebies.

You know there are newscasters which are totally hot: Anderson Cooper, Bill Hemmer, Charlie Gibson, etc....

And those that are totally not: TUCKER CARLSON!

So I wasn't going to buy them but the little zipper pulls tugged at my heartstrings. Check it:

I filled this one up with a random bunch of bottles.

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Bwahahah...Tucker Carlsonesque. LMAO!

The perfumes look beeyoodeeful in there! ♡
Ah! I see Cabaret in there - oh, I miss that one!

I have to agree with you on Tucker Carlson, but I adore his bowties. Well, I just adore bowties in general. Don't they look just so much more fetching and happy than long neckties?
I should say, fetching and happy on the *right* guy, that is :P
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