Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Puff Pouches!

I fell in love with these little pouches from Uplifting Arts and thought they were just the perfect size to carry around decants in my purse so I ordered the blue bunny puff pouch and polka dot puff pouch.

Even though they're small they're quite handy and they're lined for extra scent protection! And get this, they're only $5.99 each!

Those are 1/2 oz bottles in front of the polka dot pouch, it could fit about five or six of them but I only had three bottles handy. Nana Pink, Nana Bronze and Fifi for those interested. The bottle in front of the blue one is Par Amour Toujours.

Here are the pouches with the bottles in place. At the last second I tossed in a 1/3 oz. decant of Un Lys in addition to the other 1/2 oz. bottles.

Thank you for this post - I was trying to find something cute for the girly Christmas gifts (yes, it's dorky to start now already, I know) that wasn't too bulky or boring. Perfect!
Where did you find those adorable little bottles of the Nana fragrances?? I love 'em!!! =D
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