Tuesday, December 05, 2006


WW: Roller coaster ride of emotions.

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted anything!

My sister came into town for Thanksgiving and I tried to limit my internet time while she was here. I veered off Weight Watchers while she was in town. It wasn't intentional as I really tried most days to eat well - but too much temptation lead me astray. I did however keep up with my exercise routine so the damage shouldn't be too bad.

I can't say how much damage is done as my cycle decided that this week would be the perfect time to arrive and I'm mad-puffy-bloated and my scale indicated a gain of five lbs. As to how much of that is just water retention - I'm really not sure.

Now I'm back on WW. While it was nice to eat "normal" foods for a while. I've found out that my taste for certain foods has changed. So, that's an upside!

Now onto pressing matters.

I've mentioned how I was tested for both diabetes and thalassemia a few months ago. Zeroing in on those two specifically as my mom has them both.

Well, her health has been on the serious decline this year and she had gone to her Doctor earlier last week for her normal checkup where her doctor pretty much shrugged off her symptoms and scheduled additional testing, he wasn't concerned so why should my mom - right?

Ah, not so fast!

This past Friday she was admitted into the hospital with a rapid heart beat and shortness of breath.

So, they've been running all sorts of test so far diagnosed her with having hypothyroidism. I've got Graves disease (hyperthyroidism) and had mentioned last week to my mom that maybe she needs to have her thyroid checked as she had a lot of those symptoms. But because of her diabetes and thalassemia - they were focusing on those instead.

We we all relieved to know that she wasn't suffering from complications of diabetes, especially kidney failure as that's what my maternal grandmother (who was also diabetic) died of.

Yesterday, she was told that he had a heart attack on Friday. Her hematologist mentioned that the diagnosis of a heart attack was premature as further testing needed to be done. She had a stress test scheduled yesterday which was cancelled. Then they scheduled another one which was set to be performed today which could only be done after she had a transfusion (because of the thalassemia).

She had the transfusion last night and this morning her cardiologist said that she did indeed have a heart attack so again the stress test was cancelled. They then scheduled a dye test to be done for her heart to assess the damage done - that too was canceled as they had an emergency.

That dye test has now been scheduled for her tomorrow.

So far, they've put her on Synthroid so that's a good sign. What worries me is her heart as they told her that any surgery done will be a complicated one becase of both her thalassemia and diabetes.

These past couple of days has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. Being a self injurer that is usually the first place I turn in times of crisis but this time it's been different and I have not.

I've really tried to focus all this negative energy elsewhere and remain positive throughout this entire ordeal.

So, I'm asking everyone for extra good vibes, prayers, cheers, etc... for my mom and her doctors.

For the most part, the news has been and continues to be positive so we have to remain positive!

(((Sand and Mom))) I'm thinking good thoughts for both of you! And I have to say that I'm thrilled and impressed that you've kept the SI in check during this upheaval. I did pretty much the opposite this summer when we lost the fuzzies, and I wish I hadn't. It's been tough getting back under control since then. You really are Wonder Woman!

I'll be vibing like crazy for you guys!

Hang in there (in all areas) You'll notice that you feel better when you eat more carefully (nutriton first) and get some fresh air and exercise. I'm sending you a "take Care of Yourself" vibe. You are worth it!
Dear Sand...
I am sending you the best of vibes and good thoughts.
I have confidence that everything will turn out ok for your mom. :-)

On the cautious side , I would recommend that , if you/she has a good medical insurance that covers all this testing, go beyond duty and schedule a full array of tests after the holidays.
I am talking non-invasive tests that usually just require taking some blood samples.
Go for the whole shabang, ask for them all. My mom (who turned 57 last week) is an exam freak, and as she is fully covered, I am sure she is the most examined woman in the continent besides Britney or ParisH.
(Certainly the last shots from britney are almost gynechological!!!) on the bright side, this clears up all the unnecessary paranoia and hypochondria.

Best of luck from Argentina!
So sorry you and your mom have been dealing with all this! One question: why did they put your mom on Synthroid if she's HYPERthyroid?
Oops, sorry, I misread that. She's hypo--got it. Anyway, I hope some of this stuff brings her relief and you some hope.
I hope all will be well for both of you, and am keeping good wishes in mind.

Also wanted to pop in and wish you a very Merry Christmas - you deserve a great one, and I hope the day is wonderful for you and your family.
Hi...delurking to wish you and your family healing and happiness in this new year; I hope you all are doing well. I really enjoy your blog-Jen
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