Tuesday, March 27, 2007


WW: Reflections

Stepped on the scale yesterday morning and discovered I gained five pounds. Ah, don't worry I didn't have an all out binge festival, my cycle started up - fashionably late.

I've been seriously puffy but am not worried about any serious weight gain as I was very good last week and stuck to my exercises routine and took account for everything I ate. In fact, I turned down an invitation to eat out this past weekend because I knew that I'd be tempted to order something unhealthy.

My hormones have been making me rather emotional lately - a slight touch of melancholy but for the most part I've remained rather positive.

Something I forgot to mention in my last WW update was about my mom's progress.

Now we're at the point where we can reflect on how much progress has been made. For a while I was really scared that she would suffer another heart attack. While I had been researching low-sodium foods and healing post-heart attack I came across a statistic that only 1/3 of female heart attack patients make a full recovery. So, during that time I was slowly preparing myself for the worse case scenario.

To see my mom now, you never would have thought that anything ever happened. In so many ways the heart attack changed everything because now she's committed toward being healthy - both for the present (to continue her healing process) and for the future (because we do have so much control over health.)

She was told that a friend of hers has a father-in-law who also had a quadruple bypass around the same time as her surgery and he's currently in awful shape. That he's severely depressed, still incredibly swollen, refusing to eat. I suspect that this man's doesn't have the will to go on.

And then consider that my mom had both thalassemia and diabetes to contend with and she's slightly older than this man.

She offered to speak to this man as she can relate to what he's going through but he's not taken her up on the offer.

Remaining positive has really played such a huge role in her progress. Ugh, things really sucked for a while and then got even worse than we ever could have imagined but then they got better and then even better than imagined.

For now I'm really grateful that things are going really good - almost impossibly good. And I'll reflect on this when things turn bad. This too shall pass.


A five pound gain may seem like an awful setback considering how much effort it took to get them off, but based on what I've read about your progress so far, it sounds like this is the first time you gained anything at all! I think it's incredible. I think you'll lose these once the cycle ends and the work you put in last week will come to prove itself if not very soon, then soon enough. Your posts sound positive--it's so good to see you back and to hear that with all that's been going on, you've remained positive and that your mom is on the mend and doing great. Thank goodness! She's blessed to have you by her side.

We've been discussing the heart thing off board so you know it scares me. I don't want to wait for tragedy to have to whip me into wanting to be healthy so I really do try to eat right, move around and maintain self-esteem. I hope your friend's FIL is able to get help with his depression. The bypass (esp. quadruple) must be horrendous to go through. Remembering loved ones as they went through these ordeals brings back pain I find hard to handle sometimes.

This too shall pass but please try to enjoy the sweet moments and focus on the blessing at hand! As they say, there's a time for everything so give yourself a chance to believe everything is OK and will be OK. Once again, great having you back.
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