Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Sweet T Original

I was first introduced to Sweet T Original when I was looking for a simple tote bag and ended up purchasing this Rose Tote.

At the time I had no idea that one small search for a simple tote bag would turn me into a tote bag collector!

I then ended up purchasing the following tote bags - all Sweet T Original tote bags!

Hibiscus Tote

Mon Cheri tote

Daisy Tote

These are collaboration tote bags in which Tanja of Sweet T Original collaborated with other artists to create limited edition bags.
The Girl & The Tree tote

Collaboration with Gaia from OtherSuchThings. In fact Gaia still has her collaboration tote up for sale: The Girl & The Tree tote.

Mine is the one in the foreground, it's different from the other one as mine has dots framing the face and the other design has clouds and birds.

Green Tote

Collaboration with Annalaura of Annalaura. The collaboration tote bag was exactly the same but hers was sold. I seriously wonder who has the my tote's twin.

Candy Tote

This was a collaboration with Sara from alphabetbandit. If you click on the above link you can see a picture of the this tote's twin.

Tanja also collaborated with Jeff Claassen. I failed to nab myself one of those bags which really sucks and I could kick myself for not having bought one!

Not only are these bags incredibly well made and all out wonderful but Tanja has the best customer service ever! She even included one of her fabulous makeup bags in one of my orders!

Seriously, the best in the industry and she's been featured in German Glamour and other publications!

Anyhow, I hadn't placed an order in a while and I was surprised to receive a package from her recently enclosed was this tote bag and the following note.:

Seriously, how awesome is that! I tell you, Tanja is one of the most fabulous people in the universe!

I am a customer for life!

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