Tuesday, March 13, 2007


WW: My body is rejecting my weight loss!

Ugh, stupid blogger changed up on me and now I'm totally confused!

Anyhow, I meant to update this earlier but was a bad cold gave me a serious smack down. Now that I'm feeling better it's back to making myself a priority.

I had one full week of exercise - then slammed down by the cold for two and then one more week of daily exercise. I've not lost any weight and I showed a gain of three pounds this week which upset me at first but my cycle is due - so that could explain the weight gain. That or else my body is rejecting weight loss!

I have to keep on keeping on, hopefully I'll see some results this week!

SI: This is my most vulnerable week as it's right before my cycle. I've been trying to ward of the one big trigger that's been on my mind lately. Last week, the IRS sent me a letter saying I owed over $9000 for unpaid taxes based on my 2005 tax return.

This entire mess is based on the van I won back in 2005. As it's reported as additional income, you're supposed to pay taxes on that additional income. Well, I paid the taxes on the van (actually, my parents paid the taxes on the van because I gave it to my mom.)

But, what happened was that both the advertising agency (who ran the promotion) and the car makers Daimler Chrysler (who awarded the prize) both submitted the same information to the IRS - making it seem as though I received double the additional income (in the form of two vans). So, of course the IRS wants me to pay taxes on this phantom additional income as only one van was awarded and accepted.

I had to unearth all the paperwork I had from two years ago and contact both the ad agency and DaimlerCrysler. Both which blame each other for this fiasco.

I need to put together a response to IRS to explain that a mistake has been made and only one party should have submitted the tax information of additional income in my name. Ugh, by the end of this week - it should all be cleared on my end and hopefully I'll never have to deal with the IRS ever again (at least not in owing crazy amounts with penalties, late fees and crazy taxes that should never have been submitted in my name!)

Mom: Thank you all for your good thoughts and love during this entire obstacle with my mom. She's doing really great! She's back to work full time now and has been exercising 20 minutes a day on treadmill. There have been moments where she wants to venture off her low sodium diet but knows the consequences in doing so.

Her doctors visits have all been really positive and she's healing quite well. I never thought that she would recover so well, but she has and for that we are grateful.


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