Friday, July 01, 2005


Summer Sampler

Summer Sampler

My summer sampler arrived yesterday from The Sampler which cheered me up as I wasn't having the best day, not that today couldn't be better. But instead of focusing on the negativity, I'll focus on my sampler which makes me happy! This is what arrived:

A small skein of yellow yarn from Midnightsky Fibers
A magnet from Buttonarcade
A patch of a girl from Jlrfashions
A ribbon necklace from Lusterstudio
A unfriended button from One inch buttons
A copy of Crapulescence Zine from Forknspoon
A feminism sticker pack from Feed Your Head Books
A keychain that says wisdom from Amy Peters' Studio
A "pea brain" necklace from Love, Joleen
A set of eye buttons from Buy4square
A Hamster Love Zine from Moment of Stars
A anipal bead from Fetopia.net
A mini journal from Wrong Number Distro
A glitter block magnet from Thea Starr Thea Starr
A pom-pom monster brooch from Chebang!
A glitter dot pin from Glamscience
A greeting card from Cute as a button crafts
A plastic ring from Ophelia
A drawstring bag from Cute Little Dot
A cherry cheesecake lipbalm from Stinkbug Designs
A mini soap from Heather Joy
A card from Pixie Girl
A mini frisbee from Craftyscientist
A necklace from Midnight firefly
A pansy hairpin from Kerri Berri Designs
A notecard from Homebaked.ca
A pair of earrings from Made by Taryn

For KBee, Michael Bublé's playlist:

Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley
Sway - Dean Martin
Crying - k.d. lang
One Mint Julep - Louis Prima
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Daddy's Little Girl - Al Martino
Pennies from Heaven - Bing Crosby
Arrivederci Roma - Dean Martin
You Make Me Feel so Young - Mel Tormé
It's a Pity to Say Goodnight - Ella Fitzgerald

If he truly loved and honored Sway, he never should have covered it! Bastard!

Oooh, what is that little pouch? It looks cute from the picture!
That's the drawstring bag from Cute Little Dot, they sell for $8.95 on the site. It looks like it'll hold a lot of vials!
You're the best! Do you know how many times I've read your daily blog entry and wished you lived next door?
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