Tuesday, July 03, 2007


"WW: New York, New York, it's a wonderful town..."

The short story: Won a contest. Lost more weight, bought new clothes. Went to NYC where I got a fabulous haircut!

Post a picture already! :-)
Long time since my last post here.

I loved the hair-cinderella tale.

I had a crappy last year too.

My granma (from my mom´s side) died.
And then my aunt a few months later.

My granma was old, but my aunt was middle aged and it was too sad to take.

Two strikes in the same year were too much and I was sincerely almost out of strenght.

I am usually the rock , impervious to all the things that happen in my life..
But when something hard hits a loved one, it´s scary how one feels you can crumble.

Thankfully this year has meant the realization of so many dreams...
Finally moving in with my partner, getting a new better paid job where I don´t have to be in the closet.

You could say that you didn´t DO anything special and that what happened to you (the trip to NYC) is not related in any way to the hardships that happened before.

I say: everything happens for a reason. I believe in a higher force-power-energy.

You grew up through this sad experience with your mom and her heart attack, and as a result it has made you stronger and healthier.

Cheers to you and your family.
Keep up the good work.
I love your taste in lovely small enameled jewelry.!!

And I just realized I am writing without end...

and thanks..

PiT from Argentina.
I am the winner of the 2008 John Frieda Salon Tour to NYC. I also have had health problems for the last 4 years and the meds have caused me to look like a bear ready for hibernation. Your experience gives me a lot of hope. I too was considering not accepting the prize, but after reading ur post I will go ahead with it. Sounds like great fund. Thanks
I meant to write FUN not fund. So you know where my mind is. Sorry
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