Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Sottile: The review

I had never tried any of the Yosh fragrances until beautiful Jonna included samples of them as part of my Valentine's day box. The one I was most interested in trying was Sottile 1.61. Ever since I was fourteen (*gulp* half my life so far) one of the staples in my collection has been Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose.

Luckyscent describes Sottile as: Newly opened tea roses and freshly picked lily of the valley in a delicate porcelain vase. Simple and lovely. Sottile means subtle in Italian, and it is the perfect name for this soft and gently nostalgic fragrance. It captures a fleeting moment of quiet beauty – the dew on petals before it melts away, the steam rising from a freshly poured cup of tea. Peaceful and sentimental – for the girl who blushes easily.

Sottile 1.61 notes: tea rose, lily of the valley

Well, with a description like that how could I not test this one! Upon first application (two swipes of the tester) you're hit with a strong dose of Tea Rose, if you think Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose is heavy - this is not for you! After a second the tea rose is taken over by lily of the valley - I used to hate lily of the valley but have grown to appreciate it. Then it seems as if the fragrance dissapears for a bit but wait a few minutes and and you get a lingering blend of the two notes blending into one scent.

This is gorgeous and a little goes a long way. This would be a beautiful spring or summer fragrance and can easily be worn from day into night and for either casual to formal occasions. I personally could only see myself wearing this on special occasions because of the outrageous price.

So is it worth the price? As beautiful as it is, I don't find it unique enough to justify the price. It retails for $130/8 ml. at Luckyscent. The sillage is incredible however and very little goes a long way with this fragrance. After running out of the sample I might consider purchasing another sample to have on hand but it's not full bottle worthy for me.

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